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VHS to DVD Services UKvideo to dvd transfer services for the UK & Ireland

*** 20% OFF Cine to DVD orders during August 2016 with 2 free extra copies and Free edit DVD-ROM ***
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Special August 2016 Offer - 20% off all cine to DVD orders. All DVD orders will also receive a Second and Third DVD copy free of charge. Or if you are wishing to re-edit your films at home we can also provide you with a FREE DVD-ROM containing your footage in MPEG2 or AVI formats so you can load the footage directly onto your PC or Mac for you to edit at home!  (MiniDV/ Digital8/ DVCam/ BetacamSP/ Digibeta/HDV-1080I etc. also available for broadcasters and production companies) We can also collect your films from anywhere in the UK.

 e-mail:  info@cine2video.com

 Tel: 0141 556 5358 or Fax: 0141 556 5358


Worldwide cine transfer service based in the United Kingdom

Please send your films by recorded delivery or secure courier


If you've got old cine films gathering dust at home why not get them put onto video or DVD right away. We can digitally remaster your movies frame by frame and then transfer them onto VHS, CD-ROM or DVD in a fully re-edited and polished program. We can also supply your footage on  MiniDV, Digital8 or DVD-ROM for you to edit at home on your PC or Mac.  Don't leave your memories in the attic, they are worth more than that and they were filmed to be seen after all!  We can digitally enhance your films to make them clearer and brighter than you might expect!  All films are digitally scanned "Frame by Frame" for an exact digital copy of your original films. This digital footage is also colour corrected and adjusted to give a clearer brighter image than the original films.

Watch your cine films come alive in our studios. Cine2video.com is quite simply the best cine transfer service available today. We have over 20 years experience (since 1984) and by our investment in top of the range high end digital equipment, top brand recording materials and the latest digital enhancement software, we are able to offer you the best possible image and sound on screen from your precious family films. Prices start from just 45 for a full video transfer including colour photo cover and return postage. Discounts are also available for larger orders over 100. 

Don't be tempted to entrust your films with some lower priced alternatives on offer from many photographers and Videographers in our high streets. To do so would be a false economy as these small shops only do cine transfers as a side line from time to time. As a result they June only give amateur results that are often very disappointing and ultimately a waste of time and money. 

Memories are a very precious fragile thing, so we think it is fair to say that if you are going to have them put onto Video or DVD,  you should get it done right!  Remember, you could not give your loved ones a more thoughtful gift and It really doesn't cost that much so please contact us for a genuine free estimate. Or Just post us your films for an exact FREE quote!

New! Sell us your old cine equipment for cash or trade it in against your transfer!

Did you know that we also buy your old cine equipment, movie features and digests for cash, or alternatively we can give you a more generous credits towards getting your family films transferred onto video and DVD. This means you June even get your films converted for FREE! We buy all formats of cine film so why not just include these reels along with your family material and we will guarantee you a minimum cash credit for every item sent to us! We can also give you a more detailed idea of their value, simply email us the make and model of your cine equipment, or for films just tell us the movies title with approximate running times or reel sizes and we can give you an idea of what they might be worth. 

Why not order an Example DVD or Video for just 10 Deposit!

(Fully refundable on return of the DVD/Video)



DVD          VHS

Why risk sending your precious cine films to just anyone and be left wondering what the results will be? By ordering one of our examples DVD's or Video's You can see first hand that our transfers are of the highest quality using the very latest digital technology.

We have been converting cine films "frame by frame" from all over the world since 1984 and our experience shows in the final production of your films. This no risk option allows you to view our clear digital pictures and stereo sound on your own TV.  You can then get a full refund of the 10 deposit when you return the pack to us. Don't send your precious films to just anyone without getting a full free quote and examples of how your finished films will look!


Post your films by special or recorded delivery to:

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For further information e-mail:  info@cine2video.com

Within UK Tel: 0141 556 5358 or Fax: 0141 556 5358

International Dial: 00 44 141 588 0745

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