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Prices are made simple as we only charge for the length of the film. As we use a totally digital process we don't make any charge for extras like titles and music being added. We can also guarantee the price we quote you before processing will be the total price we charge for our services. email us and we will get back to you with a full quote including a discount for all orders over £100. We now also offer a free DVD-ROM with all DVD orders containing the actual mpeg2 video of your films so you can re-edit the films on your own PC. Customers can choose the extra DVD-ROM or a free second copy on a regular DVD.

Below is a guide to our prices:

  • The first reel of film (up to 400 foot)  is only £45 for the full copy service onto Video, CD-ROM or Video-CD (A full colour photo cover and postage and packing is included in the price!)
  • If you have more than one reel of film it is a flat rate of just 10p per foot of film, thatís equivalent to £5 for each of the little 50 foot reels or £40 for the larger 400-foot reels of film! So you can afford to put all your cine film onto one tape, CD-ROM or Video-CD.
  • Additional copies on Video, CD-ROM and Video-CD can be ordered for Only £10 each. (full colour photo cover and p&p is included in the price!)
  • DVD's are also available, but cost an additional £25 to process each 30 minutes of final footage onto your master DVD. (free for larger orders)
  • Additional DVD's are then available from just £10 
  • Order colour prints up to A4 from any film or video source. Only £6 including postage and packing.
  • MiniDV, Digital8 and DVD-ROM Versions are available for you to edit yourself at home. Ask us for more information.
  • Discounts are available for larger orders over £100.  
  • Please make your cheques or postal orders payable to: If you are unsure of the cost of your transfer send no money now as we will give you a free quote by email, then when you are happy with our quote we can simply include our invoice along with your completed films or DVD's, its that simple!
  • Get a FREE Transfer! Did you know that we also buy all of your old cine equipment, feature films and digests for cash, or alternatively we can give you a more generous credits towards getting your family films transferred onto video and DVD. This means you may even get your films converted for FREE! 
    • Why not order an Example DVD or Video for just £10 Deposit!

    (Fully refundable on return of the DVD/Video)



    DVD          VHS

    Why risk sending your precious cine films to just anyone and be left wondering what the results will be? By ordering one of our examples DVD's or Video's You can see first hand that our transfers are of the highest quality using the very latest digital technology.

    We have been converting cine films from all over the world "frame by frame" since 1984 and our experience shows in the final production of your films. This no risk option allows you to view our clear digital pictures and stereo sound on your own TV.  You can then get a full refund of the £10 deposit when you return the pack to us. Don't send your precious films to just anyone without getting a full free quote and examples of how your finished films will look!


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