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Did you know that we buy all of your old cine equipment, movie features and digests for cash, or alternatively we can give you a more generous credit towards getting your family films transferred onto video and DVD. This means you could get your home movies converted for FREE! 

We buy all formats of cine film so why not just include these reels along with your family material and we will guarantee you a credit for every reel sent to us! We can also give you a more detailed idea of their value, simply email us the title of each of your films with approximate running times or reel sizes and we can give you an idea of what they might be worth. Every old films has some value to someone, just get the details to us and we can make you an offer either way!

Simply post all your films by special or recorded delivery to:


15 Tollcross Road

Parkhead Cross


G32 8EL

For further information e-mail: info@cine2video.com


      reel of film 2rotating video casette &

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